James Westman as usual delivers a strong performance as Sir John A MacDonald.

“James Westman was first among equals with his snide, snarling, overbearing, blustering, duplicitous Sir John A. MacDonald (think Donald Trump with high notes). Mr. Westman’s powerful, secure baritone has an easy high extension, and as he effortlessly rode wave after wave of cresting orchestral sound, he seemed more like the world’s next great Heldentenor in making.” –Opera Today, James Sohre

“James Westman as usual delivers a strong performance as Sir John A MacDonald.” -ConcertoNet,  Michal Johnson, May 17, 2017.

“Baritone James Westman, a graduate of the Ensemble Studio, now brings his passion and musicianship to the role of Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macondald.”- Broadway World, April 2017.
“Famed baritones Russell Braun (Riel) and James Westman (John A. Macdonald) are well-matched nemeses.” – Toronto Life, April 2017
“Westman’s cartoonish reading, so deftly comical exploited the text and Moore’s many opportunities for comedy in this role, especially a scene where he’s clearly drunk. His voice sailed over the orchestra.” – Barczablog, April 2017
“Il baritono James Westman interpreta con grande efficacia il Primo Ministro Macdonald.”  -L’apemusical,  Giuliana Dal Piaz, May 17, 2017.
“James Westman is a devious Macdonald, amber-toned as single malt.” – Ian Ritchie  Opera Going Today, April.
“James Westman is a beautifully exaggerated figure in Riel’s adversary, Sir John A. Macdonald” – Jenna Douglas, April 28, 2017
“Sir John A. MacDonald, a richly comic James Westman” – Christopher Hoile, Now Magazine,  Full Review Here