“James made me fall back in love with singing. His technique is very simple and it allowed me to gain the freedom that I didn’t have before. He pushed me to the next step of being not only a musician but an artist. James made my life much calmer. I know what I can do with my future. He has been very encouraging and that has made me more confident in all aspects of my life.”~ David Baron, Counter Tenor, April, 2014. Graduating Wilfrid Laurier University.

Baritone, James Westman, has enjoyed an international singing career for over 30 years. With his knowledgeable expertise on classical vocal technique, he is enthusiastic in guiding young singers to healthy operatic careers. James Westman will be lecturing, performing and instructing at the Stanford University’s department of Music this coming academic year. He will also conduct guest masterclasses at the Ottawa Opera Lyra ensemble studio and the Opera division at University of Toronto.

Annually, he guest lectures to Vic One students at Victoria College at the University of Toronto on ‘Career Innovation’ and ‘Esprit de Corps’. Mr. Westman has given vocal master classes to many Universities, Conservatories and Opera Company Ensembles Studio’s throughout North America.

“My voice has transformed completely. [I come] from a background of uneducated pop singing. James has turned my sound around to a healthy full sound that is easily heard and translated to all my vocal performances… It has changed everything for the better. I am now pursuing voice as a career and could not be more excited. It has given me a new and exciting passion that James encourages and helps me build every day.” ~ Andrew Dolson, Baritone,  April,2014, 3rd Year  Wilfrid Laurier University.

James He has won numerous competition including The George London Competition, International Jeunesses Musicales Competition, International D’Angelo Competition, Licia Albanese Competition, Marilyn Horne Competition and finalist at Cardiff Singer of the World. He has valuable connections with essential summer training programs throughout the world, including Tanglewood, San Francisco Merola, Santa Fe, St Louis, Ravinia, Opera Highlands, Opera Nouvo, Aldeburgh, Spoleto, and Glimerglass. Mr. Westman has numerous Grammy and Juno nominated recordings with Decca, CBC, Opera Rara and BBC. Mr. Westman hosts on CBC Radio 2, “This is my Music”.
James Westman has had wonderful vocal mentors that have vastly enriched his vocal knowledge of superior technique . Dame Joan Sutherland, Marilyn Horne, Patricia Kern, Louis Marshal, Gary Reylea, Louis Quilico, Marlana Malas, Neil Semer, Regine Crespin and Bill Shuman all contributed greatly to his respect for healthy Italianated vocal production.

My voice has drastically improved over the past two terms. I owe a great deal of the progress to James’s teachings. My sound went from one of a small choirboy to an opera singer in his first role within 5 months. I could not have dreamed of a more enjoyable and more productive term. The last two terms have dramatically changed my future goals. I am more confident in my studies and in my social life. I can now channel my drive into a productive and profitable future. I have a better understanding of who I am.” ~ Dylan Langan, Bass-Baritone, April 2014, 1st year, Wilfrid Laurier University.

James gives scientific instructions about the inner workings of the voice, unlike other professors who give abstract instructions. I feel I learn more and understand more with his teaching style. I really like my voice now, because it is fuller, bigger and more expressive. James provides great vocal knowledge, but he also emphasizes the importance of being a proactive member of society. He highlights the importance of teamwork and supporting your peers in music. He is able to give insight and advice on what it takes to begin a career in music and all of the things that one needs to prepare your musical abilities.” ~ Holly Zuang, April 2014, 2nd Wilfrid Laurier University.